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204 | valorant #wordle challenge

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  1. Ya this is definitely rigged . De with an I available in two positions , there’s no way u got that in the first try ,

  2. I bet you can’t do this
    Anything about Halloween

  3. Day 17 (Yes Check Yesterday Wordle For Proof I Have Been Commenting) For Words Start With F
    Day 11 STREAK!

  4. Day 10 of asking to start with gestures like hand and faces

  5. This is the best Wordle strategy.
    Flame, stunt, brick, podgy

  6. Day 1: Do the previous 3 days words which are EXIST, QUIRK, and DENIM (I’m pretty sure this is taken)

  7. Day 18 of asking you to start with flute, sword, chank, and pigmy

  8. Start with susus and use among us related words

  9. Use the wordle words from the past few days as ur starting words

    Ex: denim, quirk, ect

  10. Day 21 of asking for stead womby chirp and flung for the first words

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