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199 | using books to get todays #wordle

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  1. Day 5 of asking to start with gestures

  2. I Almost Got Todays Wordle

    6th attempt is watch, kinda unfortunate actually

    Day 12 For Words Start With F

    Day 6 Streak

  3. I was playing wordle and I typed in catch I got it first try

  4. Please use among us words, I’m getting desperate

  5. Omg I did this and struggled so much, I only got the CAT 😅

  6. Day 16 of asking for stead womby chirp and flung for the first words

  7. Day 13 of asking you to start with flute, sword, chank, and pigmy

  8. Do wordle but using the words of the previous 3 days

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