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TimTheTatman Two
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  1. Genuinely thought it was wheat i would’ve NEVER guessed that. Do this every day!! So entertaining 😂

  2. I would have bet my wallet that it was wheat. Holy shit. 😂😂

  3. tim a bit of advice. dont tell us if you did the wordle or not in the begining of the f-ing video. its not fun knowing the outcome

  4. Is this the next evolution of Tim's Fall Guys struggles but with Wordle?

  5. Tims skill in wordle is just as good as his skill in COD……XD

  6. Tell your chat that calling the engineer a conductor is like not completely kindergarten

  7. Hi Tim.
    Just wanna let you know I have a 100% win-rate in Wordle. And english is not Even my native language.
    Thats all.

  8. Tim’s the worst actor I’ve ever seen lmao
    He definitely got help on that word
    He wasn’t genuinely excited enough

  9. Bro, I look at your chat twice and the only guess I saw was fuckin WHEAT. I literally opened this up on my phone so I can comment since I'm watching on a PS4 and can't comment on those lmao also that was fucking nuts, nice fuckin job 😂😂😂😂 good thing you saw that comment and decided you can't use it after all

  10. Tim, you’re just a likable guy, keep it up man

  11. Unsure if that’s a true win when you submitted like 10 non words.. was a nice hail Mary though for sure

  12. I personally don't like Tim and periodically just show up to laugh at how stupid he is

  13. I literally felt like a proud father watching you get that at the end my dude. Great job!

    If you'd like some strats which i reckon would of got you there sooner: Use a vowel heavy word first (something like ALONE, JUICE OR MEDIA). The vowels leads you to the word. Also my dyslexic brain operates better when i type out the letters that i do know in their location.

    Honestly though, i think your struggle and all those emotions is what makes this a great watch.

  14. These wordle videos have been giving me a great ab workout. 😆 🤣 😂

  15. I lost it, "is this not a word, are you SHURE" so good haha

  16. Dude I would love this if Tim did his daily worldle on stream

  17. I swear I thought he was down and I was 100% sure it was wheat

  18. It's crazy how many "words" he types in that don't exist.

  19. it scares me that there are grown men this brain dead

  20. Tim is one of the few people in the world that can make wordle intense and fun 😂

  21. 2:19 Tim, Grate is also a word (the game would tell you if it's not a word), a grate is an iron lattice you would find over a fire or something else.
    3:14 Chat saying "conductor", jeez, you're worse than Timmy. The conductor is the one who checks your tickets, they don't DRIVE the train, that would be the DRIVER
    3:30 Tim, Shure is a microphone manufacturer, it's not a proper word. CMON!
    6:14 God Damn Timothy! I think your brain is a PENUT..P..E..Pea….Peanut?
    10:52 Wow. Just wow. FYI Timmy, a pleat is where fabric is folded over and over, like a pleated skirt/kilt

  22. Fuck Warzone. Competitive wordle team coming soon

  23. i always thought it was just jokes and a meme that tim was stupid … its real.. wtf bro.. hes gotten worse tho he was never this bad with are you smarter than a 5th grader game

  24. Damn I didn't know someone could be this bad at this….

  25. last minute touchdown. It got you in the first half but you didnt give up and you won the championship with last second touchdown

  26. These wordle videos need to be longer, do 2 in one video

  27. It’s a good thing he went with playing videogames for a career. Process of elimination skills are just non existent.

  28. I can't believe that we got 12 minutes of Tim out of a Wordle puzzle! 🤣

  29. Start with Adieu and Snort, uses all vowels and common letters like STRN. Secondary words like Morph or Lucky reposition O/R/U and try 3-4 new letters too

  30. He has to be trolling with this level of stupidity

  31. I love how we need a commercial break for Tim to think of the word Conductor, and he never even thought of the right word…. lol

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