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[089] 70 wordle variants!

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Do you know how many Wordle variants there are? Well, there’s more than you think. In this video I run through about 70 of them — you’ll be surprised by some of them!

Know of any wordle variants I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

Links to all the variants featured in the video:




  1. Xordle is a game about guessing two wordles at once but in the same grid.Fibble is a game where one clue in each row is a lie

  2. The NYT has since forced Wordle Archive to shut down. Stingy bastards.

  3. I've got the Semantle two days in a row now, so it's not impossible. 😁

  4. Good stuff! Thanks for taking the time to play all these.

  5. What a cool channel, incredible video and a new sub 😀

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