🪖 A "Risky" Wordle start! ⚔️ - wordle.plus

🪖 A “Risky” Wordle start! ⚔️

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Spoilers for Wordle 452 (Sept 14, 2022)

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  1. Which two words should I start with tomorrow? The theme: Peace

    Suggest your future video theme ideas here: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxQgZifh8PPyEu5gap2Wa6nIhcZUCxAiNs

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  2. You should use HAPPY and PEACE for the peace theme

  3. WORLD and PEACE seems like a good guess because of world peace but I don’t know if you’ll choose it because it says peace.

  4. What about NOBEL PRIZE for the most arbitrary award in the world?

  5. Day 5 of Rangsk picking my suggestion again. For peace do JESUS and PEACE (yes JESUS is accepted) because I researched that he came to make peace between god and rebellious.

  6. You should use PEACE and PRIZE for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. I recommend PEACE and QUIET which is a phrase for tranquility

  8. I did quit well got it in 3 with

  9. Peace and Quiet for a nice way to have peace

  10. Use DOVES and OLIVE (lots of repeated letters too)

  11. I think you should do UNITY and TRUCE because they relate to peace

  12. You should do ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’ because if you want peace with someone you don’t want to cause and argument with them so you should just stay away from them to stay quiet

  13. How about HIPPY and TRUCK for Hippy Van which has a truck full of peace people!

  14. fun fact, youth was the only other valid possibility!

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