🧐 Is this the Wordle collab you all wanted? 😁 - wordle.plus

🧐 Is this the Wordle collab you all wanted? 😁

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Spoilers for Wordle 468 (Sept 30, 2022)

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  1. How nice you get to have a break from streaming on your birthday since it’s Friday 😂

  2. For the Chemistry theme I suggest LOGIC and FLUID because you have to use a lot of logic on some of the experiments to get it right and you also have to deal with a lot of fluids.

    Also happy late bday!

  3. The answer could have also been score, and happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    WATER and IRONS, because water is an important compound and iron is an interesting element

  5. Happy Birthday!! I like how both of y’all names are sorta kn the word. Hope u have a great one.

  6. Nice birthday solve! Happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Rangsk Do SOLID and GASES for the two stages of matter

  8. happy birthday 🎉
    maybe you can do
    ATOMS and STUDY for the study of atoms 😊

  9. happy birthday! how nice of wordle to give you a gift lol

  10. Oh happy birthday Rangsk have a great birthday today
    I recommend MIXES COMBO cause you combine chemicals in chemistry 🧪

  11. Happy Birthday Rangsk! For the chemistry theme I suggest FLASK and SCOPE (for microscope)

  12. this 2 word start is very good

  13. Hope you had a great Birthday and hope you enjoyed the whole day!

  14. Maybe you should try Parts and Atoms as you can’t do particles so Parts is short for it

  15. I like how happy you are for your birthday and it’s understandable Happy birthday once again Lovely Rangsk I hope you get an lovely amazing weekend and an wonderfull day!🎉😊

  16. Water and acids it fits perfectly ❤️

  17. Happy Birthday Rangsk. I wish you lots of fun and games and 🎂

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